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Encore/NXL combines a full featured Accounts Recievables System (STAR/NXL), a robust Patient Appointment Scheduling System (PASS/NXL) and a well rounded EMR (PARIS/NXL).

STAR/NXL Key Benefits:

  • Designed for Practices with 3 to 400 Physicians

  • For individual PCs, peer-to-peer networks, or PC-server environments

  • Large Volume Data Retrieval and Processing Capability

  • Direct (explicit) Application of Payments and Credit Adjustments

  • Optional Direct Electronic Claims and Remittances Processes

Encore's STAR/NXL - OPEN ITEM ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SYSTEM   is a comprehensive A/R system with true open item characteristics.  STAR/NXL software provides for optimization of your Windows Server 2000/2003 environment.

It includes many, many standard features.  There are also optional features/modules that can be added to further enhance and tailor STAR/NXL to a particular Medical Practice's requirements.  Including direct electronic claims and remittances processing, and Smartlink interfacing to/from other vendor applications.

STAR/NXL provides for:

  • Direct, explicit application of payments and credit adjustments

  • Maintenance of the unpaid balance for each transaction

  • Re-itemization of unpaid transactions on subsequent billing documents

PASS/NXL is a true Appointment Scheduling system that has been designed specifically for scheduling Healthcare resources.  

PASS/NXL provides for:

  • Define schedules using regular Day of Week and/or Calendar templates.

  • Templates can include the same time more than once to allow for "wave" booking.

  • Auto-find the next available time-slot.

  • Overbook a time slot, or book work-ins between time slots.

  • Block-out: days, half-days, or one or more time slots.

  • Blocked-out and Canceled Appointments automatically placed in a to-be-rescheduled queue (patient information does not have to be re-entered).

  • Print Daily Rosters and Pull List.

  • Use the Appointment Analysis, Booking Analysis, and Utilization Reports to manage resources.


Encore’s Patient Automated Record Information System provides for on-line, real-time access and maintenance of patient medical data. It contains a generic patient profile record and four types of Event records for each patient. The five types of event records are: Office Visit Events, Laboratory

Events, Hospital Admission/Discharge Events, Immunizations and Medication Events. For a more detailed look at PARIS/NXL click here.


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