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Quality Software, Quality People, Quality Customers

Encore Associates, Inc. is a team of dedicated IT professionals that has been providing Automation Solutions to Medical Practices since 1970. Encore has installed over 200 systems in 27 states from Montana to Florida.

Encore's main office is located at 11814 Market Place Ave, Suite A in Baton Rouge, La.  Our primary mailing address is P.O. Box 80219, Baton Rouge, LA 70898.

Encore's products are created, owned, and maintained by Encore, and sold nationwide by Encore and its licensed Agents. We write and own all of our software. This allows us to do custom programming, and to grow our products and features based on user requirements.

We provide smart updates via email, direct transmission, or standard electronic medium. We train on-site, on-line and in-house, and offer "800" HELP Team support. We host national and regional user group meetings. Our users were the first to be submitting HIPAA compliant electronic 837 claims.  … and Call our Help Team and get real support!

Encore is Large Enough to:

Invest in people, hardware, and software Install and Support systems in 27 states Provide real support and upgrade opportunities

Small Enough to:

Offer personalized, people oriented services. Listen to what you want in an automated system. We care about your business and keeping you as a customer.