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Get More Out of PASS with “GUI Plus” Features! 

In addition to GUI screens and shared processing, PASS/GUI also utilizes many of the latest methods developed for our NXL products.  Some of these “GUI Plus” features include:

 Smart “rolling” during the Appointment Booking process.  Only available days are displayed in both the forward and backward modes.  You won’t have to page back through a “no template” weekend if you are on a Monday and want to roll back to the previous Friday.  (Note:  You can see all days by clicking on the Force check box.)


Appointment First – then Extended Notes.  In PASS/400, an appointment is booked after Extended Notes are entered.  In order to get the time slot, some users are bypassing E-Notes entry during the booking process, and subsequently recalling the appointment and entering E-Notes as part of a change process.  The F9 recall of the last appointment makes this relatively straight forward, but PASS/GUI does it better.  Pick the time slot and the appointment is booked at confirm; and then as part of the same process, you can enter the E-Notes.


Recheck with Quick Time Slot “Grabs”.  Some users have the optional PASS/400 Recheck Feature.  This feature rescans the appointment file when you enter “OK” to see if anyone has taken the time slot after it has been displayed.  PASS/GUI does recheck differently.  First, it grabs the time slot as soon as you click it and creates a Pending Appointment with your user name on it.  This Pending Appointment remains and is visible to all other users until you replace it with a “real” appointment, or until you click another time slot, or go to another day, or leave the booking screen.


Book Ancillary (NTT) from Change Screen.  Have you ever forgotten to answer ‘Y’ to book an ancillary appointment?  In PASS/GUI, you can F9 to retrieve the primary appointment and book the ancillary right there from the change screen.  You can also find the primary and do the same...a day or a week later (as long as it’s still in the future!)


Consolidated Notes Presentation.  If you have the optional notes feature, you know there are template notes, doctor notes, and reason notes.  You also know that these notes are viewed separately – i.e., in their own separate window.  In PASS/GUI, one screen shows all applicable notes – Alert Notes in red, the others in dark blue.


Inadvertent Dates.  The century (“19” or “20”) in PASS/400 helps – I can’t accidentally enter the year 4006.  But I can have an “oops” moment & be 80 years off (2086), and not receive any error or warning.  In the PASS/GUI Book, Display Doctors’ Schedule, Reschedule, and Block-Out processes, a message will appear if you enter a date +/- 2 years away...asking you if you want to continue (and the date will also change to white-on-red).


PASS/GUI respects PHI data.  Leave your screen unattended (no mouse movement, clicks, or keyboard input for 2 minutes) and PASS/GUI will “shrink” to a protected cover screen requiring that the operator re-enter his/her password before they can continue.


One-Step Unblocking in the middle of ALL Day, AM, or PM Block-Out.

PASS/400 and PASS/GUI both use single records to record an AM, PM, or All Day block-out.  This saves processing time and disk space.  In PASS/400 to open a time slot in the middle, three steps are required:  1) Unblock the block-out, 2) Block up to the desired open time start, & 3) Block after the desired open time end.  In PASS/GUI, this can be done by simply clicking on the time(s) to be opened


Reschedule “Key Save”.  After rescheduling an appt, GUI will save the “keys” to both the... 1.) Appointment that was rescheduled and, 2.) The newly rescheduled appointment – and will turn on a button (with the “group” icon) that allows you to toggle back & forth between both (until you move/scroll to another appointment).


Limits on Display Doc Schedule.  Limit a DOC’s schedule display to a POS code, DEPT code, up to 4 reason codes, duration, booked by &/or booked date...and the same limits are available when finding an appointment (plus doctor limits, of course!)


Update Extended Notes from Display Doc Schedule.  In PASS/400, you can only view extended notes from your Display Doctor Schedule Screen (via F14).  With PASS/GUI, you have the ability to view AND update your extended notes with a simple mouse click!


Tool Tips.  Position your mouse over a field/button for further “Help” description


Additional “Visual Tools”.  For example, in Schedule Display, you will notice blue boxes next to appointment lines, and red boxes next to block-out lines.