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Designed Especially For Louisiana Medicaid Providers

Quality ICD-10 Software

Full-fledged accounts receivable packages with comprehensive data entry, data maintenance, Fully Functional Interface for Louisiana’s State Mandated Statistical Tracking Software (LAST), electronic adjustments, timesheet tracking and reporting capabilities. Organizations can add one or more electronic claims formats, including the HIPAA compliant 837 (professional and institutional) format, the 835 Remittance format, and much more...

Our software is ICD-10 Ready!!


Quality Support

Our software is Supported.  Included in the ongoing software support and license fee is full access to Encore’s HELP TEAM.  Users can call us (via an “800” number) or email us!   (Note:  Encore writes and owns all of its software so we don’t have to run down some programmer in another town to get an answer.) All of our calls are responded to with minutes or hours, not days or weeks!


Affordable Pricing

Pricing is not by the number of healthcare providers.  In many instances, organizations can also avoid paying per claim fees with Encore’s electronic claims processing software and billing direct to their key carriers.


Encore is Large Enough to:

Invest in people, hardware, and software. Install and Support systems in 27 states. Provide real support and upgrade opportunities

Small Enough to:

Offer personalized, people oriented services. Listen to what you want in an automated system. We care about your business and keeping you as a customer.